What do you do when your empty town suddenly experiences a mass-influx of people?

That’s what happened to the party and our town recently, due in no small part to our action in taking down the anti-paladin in the mines a few short weeks ago.  As we knew, the Town of No Hope experienced a recent brightening in the sky, and apparently this was visible from various locales in the vicinity, resulting in people arriving to see what this was all about.

3 days before our session started though, another influx of people arrived, this time, not out of curiosity, but rather, out of desperation.  Apparently, some dark warrior his pet dire bear and a horde of zombies, was chasing people from their homes.  This scourge was about 7 days march straight south, although it would take a while longer for the horde to arrive to the town, due to the slow progress zombies make.

A quick chat with our friend Gorna about what’s been going on in this region of late, revealed that the undead scourge seems to be tied to a story about a pair of friends, a knight and a druid, being sent on a quest to find and destroy a broach.  The story goes that these friends failed to complete their quest, and since that day, the undead scourge has become out of hand.

The party learns that clues to the final resting place of this jeweled broach lie in a cave 3 days walk south (or a little over a day by horse), and decides to make their way to the cave and learn what they can, before tackling the dark warrior and his horde.

Upon arriving to the location where the cave was supposed to exist, the party finds a clearing with a large building, being guarded by 4 Skeletal Champions.  After much deliberation about what to do, Balfaren makes the first move, by casting web and ensnaring 3 of  the 4 undead creatures.  Magora and Krisnick attempt to take down the ensnared creature while Brynjarn proceeds towards the web to attempt to decimate the ensnared skeletons.  

Alas, each skeleton breaks free of the web, and suddenly the battle is on.  Brynjarn is battling with 2 skeletons, Magora and Krisnick are struggling with one, and Balfaren is doing all he can to slow the skeletons down with various spells and hexes.  A few moments later, Brynjarn is nearly unconscious from his attempts and Magora begins charging across the battlefield to help out her nearly fallen friend.  Within moments, the battle is done, and the party is recuperating from the encounter.

The party decides to explore the building, and finds a set of stairs heading downwards 10 feet into a complex of rooms and hallways.  The party makes their way to the room to the west and eventually finds their way to a room wth a chest within, being watched over by a grotesque statue.  Magora rushes in to open the chest, not realizing that the grotesque statue is in fact a living, breathing gargoyle.  The party makes relatively quick work of the gargoyle, but finds nothing in the room; the chest is empty.

Back into the hallway, the party explores a winding side passage and finds a small work room occupied by a pair of serpent folk, who have nothing nice to say to us, but appear to be working at stone pedestals.  The positioning of people was a significant detriment as the warrior-like creature was preventing us from entering the room, permitting the magic-user at the back of the room plenty of time and space to lay down all kinds of nasty spells.  Eventually, the two serpent folk were rendered lifeless, but so too was the party.  

The party collected all the bodies (gargoyle, and 2 serpent folk) back to the room with the empty chest and barricaded themselves in for the night.  

As we slept, Krisnick awoke to a small breeze, and found a small hidden room with a magical gauntlet upon a pedestal, which he left alone until the next morning.  The party investigated the gauntlet and determines that they’re magical bracers, which Brynjarn promptly puts on, with seemingly no ill effects.

The part agrees to explore the last passage they found, and Magora, true to from, throws open the door, rushing in headlong into the passage.  About 10 feet in, she disappears from view as she finds her self partially impaled by spikes at the bottom of a pit trap.  With Brynjarn’s assistance, Magora is pulled back up to safety, where the party realizes this pit trap is much larger.  Brynjarn, not wanting to have to pull people of of this pit, rushes back to the room we found the serpent folk in, goes to one of the pedestals, which were both very securely fastened to the floor, and in a herculean demonstration of his strength, wrenches it off the floor, and brings it back to the pit trap, where he proceeds to throw it down, creating a makeshift bridge.  

The party proceeds more cautiously, and finds, within this winding tunnel, 4 additional traps  leading to a cavernous chamber that appears to have no ceiling.  Within, the party finds 2 Urdefhan and a Ved.  Not willing to back down from a fight, the party makes the first move, and begins their assault on the Urdefhan, who in turn, promptly return the courtesy.  Before the fight was done, Magora was knocked unconscious as she tried to execute a coup de grace against a webbed and sleeping urdefhan.  Brynjarn had been knocked unconscious by the remaining Urdefhan.  Krisnick was attacked, nearly giving his life to bring Magora to consciousness, with Balfaren preventing Krisnick’s death just in the nick of time.  With Magora back up, she attempts to execute her coup de grace, and succeeds, only to be impaled by the furious Ved’s club.

Magora’s attention was immediately focused on the Ved who from then on was unable to get a single attack in, as Krisnick assisted Magora’s efforts to hack and slash at the gigantic creature.  Meanwhile, Balfaren was trying to find a way to help is friend Brynjarn, who was still unconscious and take down the remaining Urdefhan.

After what seemed like an eternity, all three creatures were killed, and all the party members were brought back to health.  Upon exploring the room further, the large throne-like seat the Ved was initially in, was searched and a secret compartment was found.  Within was a jeweled broach.   In a second Herculean effort, Brynjarn swung his weapon at the broach, handily destroying it.

Battered and bruised, and nearly out of supplies, the party returned to town to rest, recover and prepare for the arrival of the dark knight and his horde of zombies, when they’re greeted by Gorna and two strangers — A knight and a druid.  Both thank the party for returning them to their normal forms, and for destroying the undead scourge.