As noted in my latest Giantslayer update, one of the Giantslayer players is running a campaign where I can be a player. I plan to record our progress as adventurers in this blog. This post is the summary of our initial session. Keep an eye out for further posts as I make them.

Our session started off with each player’s character hanging out in one of the tavern’s in the City of Tria. Out of nowhere, and absolute bear of a man, calling himself Brynjarn the Bear-Thrower, throws open the door of the Tavern, and calls out seeking anybody interested in joining him on a grand adventure.

After a lot of fun role-playing our character introductions, four brave souls, Aang, Magora, Krisnick and Balfaren, join Brynjarn, and take at the scroll Brynjarn had received from the Council of Three, that set our orders: Hunt down the child-murderer Lyle Johnson, and bring him back, preferably alive, to face justice in front of the Council of Three.

The next morning the party sets out for the cave that Lyle Johnson is supposed to be hiding. The first night, the party is attacked by wolves; theses were quickly and easily dispatched. The second day and night were uneventful, and on the third day, they find the cave, with a small camp out front.

The party searches the campsite, finds little of value, and proceeds into the cave, where they eventually find a pedestal with a strange crystal on top. Footsteps in this room point to the existence of a hidden door that the party cannot find. With a little bit of luck, they rotate the crystal and the secret door opens up revealing a small room with a portal in it. Upon walking through the portal, the party finds themselves in the room with the pedestal and crystal, but now in pitch black darkness. As it turns out, this room, and the cave are identical to the one they entered a few moments ago, but in a locale that is unrecognizable.

Outside the cave entrance, the party hears the sounds of a village up ahead, and proceeds to make their way towards it, where they find all the residents are women (of all ages), but no boys or men.

After some chitter chatter with the villagers, they learn that once every six years, a group of Dhampirs comes, force themselves on the women and take all the boys captive back to the mines, never to be seen again…at least not for another six years. The last time these Dhampirs came around was a year ago.

The leader of the villagers, an absolutely bearish woman named Gorna, learns from the party, that they had come here via the cave a short distance away, at which point she indicates to the party that they can’t go back; there’s no way to return from whence they came, at least not via the cave.

A while later, Gorna asks the party to save their fathers, husbands, brothers, uncles, nephews and sons from the Dhampirs. The party agrees and prepares for an evening of rest, drinking or whatever it is that tickles their fancy. And such as it was that Mr. Charisma himself, Brynjarn the Bear-Thrower rolls a 1 on his diplomacy check to convince a room full of (apparently) passion-deprived women to come draw him a bath. As it happened however, no part of Gorna’s 350lb and 6’8″ personage needed convincing, as it was her intent to show Brynjarn the Bear-Thrower what it mean to throw a bear in the “Town of No Hope”. For the rest of the evening, anybody who remained in the tavern was barraged with dust and bits of wood that rained down from the ceiling.

As morning breaks, the party learns that the sun never shines here, but the town has many supplies and food that the party can use to resupply if they should so desire. The town provides each member of the party with a horse, except for Magora, who is given a mastiff, so that their journey to the mine is shortened to a little over a day.

Once in the mines, the party finds a room full of chained miners, along with two Guards and a Cleric Task Master. The three men are quickly dispatched, and a key is found on the Task Master that allows the miners in this chamber to be released. The party then finds a prisoner hold with nearly 200 people in cages, watched over by 2 guards. These 2 guards are also quickly dispatched, but the key the party found doesn’t open these cages. Instead, the party breaks open all the cages and frees all the prisoners.

In the last chamber of the mine, the party finds an evil looking warrior in black armor. This combatant was much more challenging, but was eventually vanquished with all-out brute force.

Upon returning to the village, known as “The Town of No Hope”, the party is thanked by the villagers, and their now rescued family members.

Balfaren hears a strange voice within his head, stating that ‘He will pay dearly for what he has done. He, his family and his entire lineage will be removed from history’. After a brief discussion with Gorna, Balfaren is advised this is most likely Lord Soth.

That evening, the party goes to bed. They awaken in the morning, to find the sun shining outdoors, something that was alleged to have never occurred before. However, all of the villagers are gone. Not a trace of them anywhere. No signs of they’re having ever existed…

The town is still there, as are all the buildings and supplies, but none of the villagers. Strangely though, the party sees three individuals standing nearby, a paladin, a rogue and a cleric, staring back at them with the same look of incredulity.

Does this mean this village is ours? And who are these three people staring back at us?