My daughters continue to be interested in playing Pathfinder, but didn’t want their cousins’ characters to fall behind in progression.  So today, I created a foursome of new characters to participate in a new adventure.  Alyson (a half-elf warpriest of Gorum), Maya (a half-elf hunter of Serenrae), Arandos (an oradin of Seranrae) and Balfaren (a winter with), started exploring the Emerald Spire.

You will probably recognize Arandos from my other Kids Campaign, where he also provides healing services to the team.  You’ll also probably recognize the name Balfaren, from the Tria Campaign, where he appears as one of my own characters where he is a cartomancer.

Why did I reuse two of my own characters concepts?  For the moment, the characters are GM-PCs, run by me.  I figured, a pair of characters and classes that I’m comfortable with makes things smoother and more seamless an experience for the girls.  I have enough stuff to worry about then learning to whole new classes of characters.

For this adventure, which I’m running woefully under prepared, I’ve decided that instead of all the Role-playing goodness in Fort Inevitable, I would start the party at the foot of the Emerald Spire.

As the party came up the side of the spire along the rocky footpath and approached the darkened entrance-way, Alyson decided she would yell into the cavernous chamber, only to hear her voice echoing back.  Maya quickly cast light on her shield and was the recipient of a well placed arrow immediately followed by some sort of feral creature attacking her.  In a matter of moments, the archer and the feral creature were decimated, only to be followed up by another archer and feral dog and three more henchman, of equally diminutive stature.

Unsure of what these creatures are, the party was in preparation of checking their overall health, and will begin the next session with the task of searching the bodies of the creatures they slew.