Day 4

Nasuata, Agatha and James decide to use the map they found to explore the different parts of the Brinestump Marsh.  As they explore, they find a hidden path at the south edge of the marsh, that doesn’t seem to be close to the main road from town.

The party makes their way back to the now-abandoned goblin village to spend the night.


Day 5

Our party of brave adventurers continues their explorations of the Brinestump marsh and come upon a fenced clearing, wherein lies the recently burnt out husk of a sailing vessel, that seems oddly out of place in the marsh.  The only indications of this ship’s origins is the only slightly scorched nameplate of the vessel:  Kajitsu Star.


Day 6

Our party of adventurers’ travels across the marsh, not using any roads, and finds an old homestead that appears abandoned.  The shed on the property appears to have fallen down in ruins long ago.  As the party explores this little cottage, the are accosted by a trio of Dire Rats and a Ratling!  There seems to be no indication of who’s home this is, apart from the skeletal remains of a human still garbed in frayed cloth, that might have once been a dress.  Moments after departing the cottage, the cottage catches the same fate as the little shed, as it falls over in ruin!