As it turns out, what the professor had in mind, while very specific, was far from a simple task: collect five sacred items for the Professor in exchange for not being sent to prison for 40 years. But there’s a catch; the Company of the Black Banner left an hour ago with the same goal.  Whichever group collects and returns all five items will get the dagger, but if neither group collects them all, the Sheriff keeps the dagger for himself.

The party agrees and sets out for the Druid’s grove, but along the way are slowed down by a snare trap that nearly caught Heather. But even though she wasn’t ensnared by the trap, the smell of a purposefully placed rabbit attracted a wolf who decided the party was between it and its coney dinner.

The party handily slew the wolf, but poor Heather was struck with a near mortal blow.

The party finally makes their way to the Druid’s grove, and finds things out of sorts. A strange vine-creature occupies the entire grove, and has a wolf caught in its grasp. Unsure of how to proceed, the party slays the vine-creature, only to find the wolf is already dead.

After searching the grove, and finding one of the five items they were searching for, and a very cool ring of swimming, the Gummy Knights stay the night in the grove, and in the morning decide to decipher all of the cryptic text on the monoliths and stone tablets, using the scroll they found the previous day. The text, five passages in all, point them in various directions throughout the forest to each of the five items they are seeking.

A secondary check of the grove reveals that 4 sets of footprints, presumably those of the Company of the Black Banner, are seen to take off in three different directions through the underbrush, which is far to thick to make pursuit.

Which artifact will the Gummy Knights go after next?  What perils await them in their quest to keep themselves out of jail for the rest of their lives?