As our brave party of heroines continued their journey to the cairns to the north, they decided to take a closer interest in the unicorn who appeared to be following them.

After many shenanigans, the party decided to follow the unicorn into the forest, and eventually lost track of the unicorn, and lost their way.  Many hours later, they exited the forest on a road they didn’t recognize, and decided to follow it.

As they traveled along the road they chanced upon a small pack of wild dogs tearing at a body on the road. Much to the party’s surprise, the dogs turned on them and were handily defeated.  A closer inspection of the body revealed that it had been recently looted.  But in the bushes along the road, the party found a magical dagger.

Travelling further along the road, the party chances upon a roadside inn.  They enter, order some food and begin to dine, when they are accosted by a thug who claims that the dagger is his.  An argument ensues, and eventually the whole tavern is brawling.  

The sheriff eventually gets the bar fight under control, but not before damage is done; the professor’s prized item is on fire.

After getting the tavern back in order, the sheriff puts the thug and his party, as well as our heroines under “house arrest” in the inn after confiscating the dagger.

When morning comes, the dagger is gone, and the sheriff can’t figure out who did it, and the sheriff has the thug from last night and Seraphim under the microscope.  The party is allowed to do some investigation to clear their friend’s name, and eventually do so.  

However, as the party finds out later that day, the Sheriff is holding the party partly responsible for the loss of the Professor’s prized item.  The Professor agrees to drop the charges, if the party performs a very specific task for them.