Iruthiel, Heather, Seraphim, Lulu and Arandos, our brave group of adventurers, set out on foot to explore the cairns north of town that were rumoured to have been been unsealed after some recent seismic activity in the region.

Their first day of journey was uneventful, and the party camped out in the wilderness for the evening, wisely keeping watch.  During the third shift, Lulu was sure she heard something rustling in the nearby brushes, and decided to toss a stone in that direction.  Nothing.

Later that same evening, during the fourth shift of the night, Seraphim was unfortunately being inattentive, and the sleeping part was caught unawares by a small goblin party.  The party exchanged numerous blows with the goblins but were eventually successful in defending their small camp.  

After finding little of value on the goblins, the party returned to sleep, and awoke the next morning, cleaned up their camp and proceeded to continue on their way north towards the cairns.

As they marched in relative silence, the party noticed, at the forest edge to their right, that a creature, a unicorn, was apparently watching them and following their progress.