A few months ago, after hearing about my groups’ adventures, my daughters asked me whether they could play pathfinder too.  I agreed, and let them pick each pick a pre-generated character from the Beginner box, and started to run them through the starter adventure.  The two of them got about a third of the way through the adventure before their cousins wanted to play too.  The four of them finished off the adventure and drove off the pesky dragon from the cave near town.

The four girls started a second adventure (the one from the beginner box GM Kit), and absolutely loved it.  However, the girls weren’t really feeling their characters, and so, I spent an afternoon with them attempting to understand what they wanted from their characters, and helped them build them up.  And then we started our first adventure in joint story telling.

About 4 weeks ago, Heather, Lulu, Seraphim and Iruthiel were called upon by the Pathfinder Society to investigate a newly discovered Thassilonian Ruin in the name of the society, in order to ascertain whether or not there was any value in sending more experienced Pathfinders to more explore and uncover its secrets.

The party, along with their society-assigned healer (a DM-PC), made their way to the ruins without issue, and encountered a strange stone platform covered in Thassilonian Runes.  The party spent much time looking at the runes, before deciding to make their way onto the raised platform, which instantly activated the form of a strange woman, seeking the praises of a mighty Runelord.  The party wasn’t quite sure what to make of this, and after much deliberation began to speak with the telepathic projection, admittedly without certainty on what they were supposed to do.  Each party member took turns speaking with the image, with Lulu, third up, deciding to praise the virtues of the mighty Runelord, and successfully made her bluff check, a skill with which she is untrained.  Immediately, the projection grants them further passage into the ruins and disappears.

As the party makes their way further into the ruins, they are accosted by a goblin boss, his riding-wolf, and his four ogre lackeys.  Much to my surprise, the party attempted to diplomatically solve the encounter, but none could speak goblin.  For shame!

The goblins were quickly dispatched, and the party continued to search the Thassilonian ruins, finding nothing of value and note.  

Upon their return to Sandpoint, the venture captain rewards them handsomely for the efforts and indicates to them that they are well on their way to becoming initiates of the Pathfinder Society.