Our party of brave heroes picks up their quest after waking from a night of rest within the tomb Nargrym Steelhand.

Within the tomb, they explore and find a not-quite hidden door, leading down to a the sarcophagus of Nargrym himself.  Upon entering the tomb, they hear the door, a heavy stone door, close behind them and seal itself in the locked position.

Within the chamber, and the sarcophagus itself, the party finds much treasure, but alas the fabled hand of Nagrym and his famous long spear are nowhere to be found.

As they explore the chamber, they realize a creature, who had not been in the chambers explored by the party is pointing at them and laughing at their plight, through the plate glass ceiling.

An excellent series of shots from Ruperton’s bow, the glass plate above shatters with the first arrow, and the next arrow skewers the creature as it lands with a thud on Nagrym’s sarcophagus.

A raging battle ensues, and the creature is killed.  On the creature, they find Nagrym’s magical hand and fabled longspear.

In thanks for their efforts, the two dwarven NPCs, Ingrahild and Umlo, let the party take any valuables they want, including Nagrym’s armor, magic hand and long spear.

The party resumes their trek across the countryside towards the valley, and encounter a variety of creatures, all of which were easily dispatched or easily ignored.  A dire bear, A titan centipede, a group of korreds, and a group of fire drakes.  And this was just their first day marching towards the valley.

On the second day, they find a two-story cottage being ransacked by a troll, who apparently was more intent on trying to get a crying baby, then realize a party of heavily armed adventurers had snuck up behind him.

With baby in hand, an unsure what to do, Ruperton declares, “Can we check the troll’s stomach for the baby’s parents?

With nothing further found, the party looks outside and sees a pair of smoke trails in the distance, and make their way, whereupon they find a small village, in chaotic disarray as the residents of said village appear to be scrambling to arm themselves with whatever tools are at hand, pitchforks, shovels, torches and other garden implements. Hardly a warparty.

The leader of this village, upon seeing the party, approaches them and warns them of the giants in the area, and then notices that the party has her grand-daughter in tow.  Seeing as how they saved the infant, the town leader asks them to go after the giants that kidnapped some of their fellow villagers

As they hunt for the party of ogres that took a bunch of villagers, they are caught unaware by a huge Cyclops Hunter, a difficult battle ensues, but two villagers that were trying to follow their kidnapped friends and family confirm the ogre party is still ahead.

Just before dusk starts to fall, the party catches the ogre foursome by surprise, defeats them and frees the kidnapped villagers