Our brave party of adventurers continued their investigation of the small room wherein they saw humanoid remains within a small hole.

After being somewhat being “volun-told”, that due to her smaller stature she’d be best suited to go down the hole, the party used a rope to create a climbing harness of sorts, and lowered her down.  There saw the remains of medium sized humanoid, and brought it back up, in the hopes that these were the remains that the ghostly cleric was looking for.  

Alas, after transporting these remains back to the ghastly cleric, it turns out these were not the remains being sought.  And now the party had a sad ghost on their hands.

Returning to the main buildings of the fort, the party searches the last of the rooms, going upstairs first, and encountering Grenseldek, her bodyguards and her pet dire wolves.  Oh how the party had excellent plans…if not for the guile of the bodyguards.  Eventually as the encounter progressed, the party found themselves sandwiched between Grenseldek in front of them, pressing the party back down the stairs, and the last remaining bodyguard coming up the stairs from behind them.  

Fortunately for the party, neither of the final two combatants were well healed, and the a few rounds later both fell.

A thorough search of the room, and the party finds a skull that seems to make them all incredibly sad, which they return to the ghostly cleric, only to learn that this is only part of the remains he seeks.  

Back to the fort, and into the basement, and the party finds a group of ogres, a sorcerer and his two bodyguards, protecting skeletal remains, notably decapitated.  After many tense moments and multiple mirror images of this sorcerous ogre, the party is able to retrieval the skeletal remains, and bring them back to the cleric.  

Destroying the remains sets the cleric free.  But before he goes, he points out a secret compartment in the statue within the chapel, revealing a very special item for our party’s cleric.

The party spends the next week returning home via Raag’s riverboat, providing updates to the people they met along the way.  Upon their return to Trunau, the party is handsomely rewarded for their efforts, with each member receiving a handsome amount of gold, and a variety of items, both magical and mundane suited to their particular needs.

Afterwards, the party travels to Janderhoff to resupply and sell off all the loot they’ve collected that Trunau couldn’t afford to buy back, and set off into the Mindspin Mountains to assist Ingrahild and Nagrym with their quest to find their Ancestor’s tomb.

The two-part geode maps leads them directly to the tomb, where they find it covered and swarming with spiders and ettercaps.  The party handily defeats them, and then proceeds into the dark tomb.

Descending the steep stairs, the party encounters more ettercaps, more spiders and a strange dwarf-like creature that looks more spider than dwarf, who insist on consuming them for lunch.  A tense battle on the steep steps takes place, but our party of heroes ultimately wins the day, and makes their way to the bottom of the tomb shaft, where they are encountered with a puzzle.

Much time was spent solving the puzzle, but the group managed to work together to piece together little bits of religious lore about the dwarven god Torag, and were able to disable the magical lock, and make their way into Nargrym Steelhand’s Tomb.