The party awoke from their generally unconscious state, fully healed, but completely bereft of all their equipment, armor and weapons, and listening to the chants of orcs calling for the bear to be released.

As the party realized what was happening, two strangers, also in this wooden run, warned our party that they should prepare themselves for combat. The party spent a desperate moment finding a few weapons, some of them broken, others hidden below a thin layer of dust and dirt. Just as the party managed to arm themselves to the best of their ability, a dire bear was upon them an attacking them.

After dispatching this bear, and not managing their wounds very well, the orcs start crying out for more bears, and lo, a trio of grizzly bears are released into the pen for our heroes to deal with.

After surviving this encounter, the orcs went silent, apparently upset that their evening entertainment had been cut so short. This silence, alerted the orcs general that something was amiss, and came out to investigate, only to realize that his men were silent because their pet bears were killed by the captives.

The general ordered these captives tied up and sent to his tent for questioning.

After a lengthy interrogation of the captives, the general comes to an agreement with the party; in exchange for the party dispatching the giants that have control of the fort, he’ll agree to not attack the town of Trunau.

The next morning, after resting in the general’s tent, the party sets out into the fort, and proceeds to clear all the Guard Towers without being spotted.

All was going well, when the party entered the bell tower above the fort’s chapel, only two find two more guards surveying the fort, both inside and outside. The party hatches a plan to take out both guards at the same time, in the hopes of preventing them from sounding the alarm, but alas, was unable to complete their task. As the first guard was attacked by Cassie, the second guard, alerted by the sound of his fellow guard’s combat, proceeds to ring the bell. The party quickly dispatched the second guard.

Under the instructions of Earnan Chromedigger, Cassie Chintana, speaking in Giant, attempts to bluff the quartet of giants in the courtyard below that they are in fact the guards. As the next few tense moments pass, one of the giants hand signals to his peers. One giant runs to the eastern courtyard, two stay in the courtyard below the bell tower, and the last runs into the main building of the fort.

The party decides that it’s time to bunker down and prepare for battle.