Roughly Six months ago, with much trepidation and an incredibly amount of nervous energy, I read off the opening lines of Block Text from “Battle of Bloodmarch Hill”, the first part of Paizo’s Giantslayer AdventurePath, to an eager group of adventurers.

Fast forward to this past weekend, and I’m loving every moment.  I had hoped to chronicle my experiences as a Game Master, as well as the ongoing adventure, but have simply not been able to find the time.  However, I intend to change that starting today.

Since our initial kickoff with 6 players on June 20th 2016, the party has grown and shrunk a couple of times, with us finally settling in at 7 players at this particular time.  Each session seems to have a different number of people in attendance, but we average between 5 and 6 players.

The party of adventurers, who up until last session, had been called “The Revengers”, due to the loss of Bramrak The Ragequitter within the Vault of Thorns, chose to honour his passing by leaving him within the vault, with all his belongings; the only item they took with them was the magical hammer the party found earlier in their adventure.  The party mornfully retreated from the Vault, back to Ghostlight Marsh, where the entrance to the Vault was hidden.

Upon their return to the Marsh, the party surprised a group of Chuul who had been investigating the recent changes to the standing stones that mark the entrance.  A dicey encounter, but the party was successful in defeating the creatures, with many style points awarded to Kade, the party’s wizard, having summoned a horse from 95 feet above one of the creatures and allowing gravity to assist in bludgeoning one of the creatures into a puddle of gore.

The trip upriver on Raag’s riverboat was uneventful, although Cassie, the party’s rogue, was more than a little nervous with the river drakes flying by on more than one occasion.  After 5 days on the riverboat, the party disembarked, with Raag agreeing to wait for the party’s return, and began their trek to Redlake fort, where they encountered a sizeable Patrol of orcs led by a Hill Giant.

A valiant effort on the party’s part, led to nothing less than 5 party members being knocked unconscious, Earnan’s pet dinosaur, Fanghur, being captured and Kade surrendering.

This latest session was a shorter session, clocking in at roughly 3 hours, as on of the group’s players, was debuting his campaign on the same day, so that he and I can trade off GM and Player duties every other session, so that we both get a chance to play.

Keep an eye out for my pending write up on the adventure’s goings ons….