Toilday, Erastus 2, 4708

The party continues the exploration of the subterranean complex under the Korvosa Graveyards, and find a noblewoman, Maisie Keswick, trapped in a cage surrounded by more of the ghouls that seem to invest these spaces.  The party easily dispatches the ghouls, and have a brief chat with Maisie, provide her with some food, and promise to release her just as soon as they check out the room the passed earlier.

In this unexplored room, they find a collection of chests, two of which come to life and attack the party.  After much difficulty the party kills the mimic and its mimicling swarm of offspring and discover that the three remaining chests are filled with a plethora of loot of some noble adventurer from many years past.

The party collects the loot, release Maisie from her cage, and escort her home, before heading back to the citadel to meet with Cressida.  They collect their reward for clearing the graveyard and head back to the Three Rings Tavern for the night.



Wealday, Erastus 3, 4708

The party wakes up to find that both Tindes and Malatir have again caught Blood Veil.  Malatir decides to forego a cure for today, but Tindes proceeds to craft herself an antiplague, and manges to cure herself of Blood Veil.

After meeting up with Eries Yelloweyes at the citadel to obtain the last of the potions of water breathing, the party heads to the river and wades right in.  Checking every room carefully they discover some creatures that have taken up residence, and dispatch them.  In the last room, they find a corpse, wrapped in black shrouds and in possession of a singular holy symbol of Urgathoa.  Malatir prepares his final spell slot, with a spell that allows him to speak with the dead, and they question the corpse.

They learn that this corpse, unknowingly brought the plague to Korvosa, which was stored in dozens of death head’s chests (one of which is in still intact in the boat), and that he was sent here, by Lady Andaisin.