Moonday, Erastus 1, 4708

Our party of adventurers departs the undercity of Korvosa and makes their way to the Citadel to return their findings to Cressida and Eries Yelloweyes, the latter of whom, makes arrangements to get the party some potions of water breathing.

Later that day, the party realizes that Harsk is grievously injured from the encounter with Girrigz, and decides to seek him assistance the next morning.



Toilday, Erastus 2, 4708

The party makes their way to the Temple of Abadar to cure Harsk’s newly acquired condition, only to determine that the temple’s highest ranking cleric, and the only one able to assist, is not available. Ishani suggests that perhaps the temple of Pharasma might be able to help.

They make their way to the temple of Pharasma and after waiting numerous hours, they meet the high cleric, who advises that he’s unable to assist them today, but perhaps tomorrow.

Bummed out, the party proceeds to meet with Cressida, where Eries advises that she was able to procure 3 of the 7 potions of water breathing the party requisitioned, and hopes to have the rest the next day.

The party asks Cressida if she’d be willing to pay for Harsk’s cure, since it was she who asked them to go into the sewers, and she agrees as long as they resolve the ongoing issues in the Grays that has the graveworkers refusing to do their jobs.

The party makes their way to the Grays finds a strange undead creature patrolling one of the cemetaries, kills him and finds that one of the mass graves opens into a cavern below. The party starts to investigate these caverns clearing a number of rooms, releasing strange canine creatures, swarms of bats and other undead creatures.