Sunday, Sarenith 30, 4708

The party makes their way to the Citadel to meet with Cressida Kroft, in the hopes that her clerics have determined what the strange chest was.  Unfortunately, nothing more was gleaned, but Cressida does have a few things she wants the party to look at:

  • Ishani (the cleric of Abadar the party is friendly with), wants the party to investigate the claims of a woman named Vendra who is selling a cure for blood veil.
  • A wererat named Eries Yelloweyes, worried that Korvosa might soon blame her kind for the plague, seeks out the PCs for help.
  • With the plague taking its toll on the citizens of Korvosa, the has taken to burning the dead in huge mass graves in the Gray District.  Unfortunately, there is a problem in the Gray District, with reports that the one of the mass graves opened access to underground cavern, from which horrors are emerging.

As the party approach’s Vendra’s shop, the party sees a long queue of Citizens, many in early and late stages of infection from Blood Veil, waiting in line that strings along for several blocks.  Following the queue, the party forces their way to the front of the line – a relatively easy task given how well armed they are – and enter the shop.  There they see 3 guards watching the procession, ensuring that the sales within the shop happen in an orderly manner.  They also see a middle-aged man who occassional tells anybody willing to listen how Lavender’s Luxiurant Liniment cured of him of blood veil.

At the counter, they see a woman, evidently the propietor, and two younger women (cashiers by all accounts), greeting customers and handling sales of the Lavender’s Luxuriant Liniment.  The party is greeted by Vendra, who directs the party to the cashiers, where they buy 6 doses of the cure.

Taking their purchase outside, Tindes begins to analyze the contents of one of the vials, while the rest of the party offers one freely to an an infected citizen in exchange for some of their time to observe the effects of the cure upon the disease.  A few hours pass.  Tindes is unable to identify the active ingredients of the cure, and the cure appears to have no effect on the infected citizen.

The party barges back into the shop, confronts Vendra.  The heated argument results in a fight breaking out.  Before long, Tindes and Malatir are unconscious.  Sagann is heavily wounded, the guards are all unconscious (including 3 additional ones that heard the fracas and joined in).  The party decides to contain their losses and attempts to retreat.  Just as they do, Vendra leaves the shop via a side entrance.

The party heals their wounded, and scours the building for anything they can find.  They eventually follow Vendra’s path out the side of the building and find her private quarters out back, where they ultimately find a secret passage to a bottling facility for the liniment, and easy access to all the constituent components.

With sufficient proof that the liniment is a fake, they return to the Citadel, provide their findings to Ishani, who in turn rewards them, and make their way to the Three Rings Tavern for the night.



Moonday, Erastus 1, 4708

The party wakes in the morning, only to find that Harsk, Sagann and Yoola have caught Blood Veil.  They make their way to the Vault of Abadar where they get their party members healed of their disease, as well as some of the damage it caused.

They decide to follow up on Eries Yelloweyes request and head into the sewers.  There they encounter a group of wererats who they are able to convince to show where their leader is.  Battling dire rats and rat swarms, the party locates Girrigz a wererat of some importance, who is hellbent on taking revenge on the humans above while they are weak and preoccupied with fighting this disease.  The party, not willing to let this happen, attempt to subdue the wererat.  in mere seconds, Sagann is unconscious and bleeding on the ground with much of the party unable to get their attacks to hit their mark.

Smart thinking on Malatir’s part, and Girrigz is blinded, unable to get his attacks to connect with the party save for the occasional lucky shot.

Moments later, Girrigz is unconscious on the ground, bound and tied up by the party, who immediately brings Sagann to health.  They loot Girrigz lair, finding innumerable weapons and supplies for the fight he was going to take to the citizens of Korvosa.

As the dust settles, Sagann and Harsk realize that they were each bitten by Girrigz; each of them showing two separate bite marks; and Harsk complaining that his blood feels like it’s boiling.