Wealday, Sarenith 26, 4708

With the party reassembled at the Three Rings Tavern, the party wakes up, much as the have these past few weeks, with very little planned for the day, only to find a letter ‘stapled’ to the wall with a dagger that reads as follows:

To my friends Harsk, Odessa, Sagann, Tindes & Yoola,

By the time you receive this letter, my ship will have already set sail from the Korvosan Harbor.

After a much waiting, contacts of mine at Eel’s End have brought to my attention that they have located some relatives of mine that I never even knew I had.

I’ve decided to leave. Leave the only home I’ve ever known, and the only friends I’ve ever known, to travel to the WrekArchipelago in search of my family.

I leave you all of the things that we collected these past four weeks during our adventuring together;
• Zellara’s Harrow Deck,
• The partial and tattered harrow deck we found at All the World’s Meat
• The Wand of Acid Splash we found at the old Fishery (I think it has 28 charges left)
• The Wand of Magic Missiles that we found in Gaedran Lamm’s office (I think it has 23 charges left), and one of the Masterwork Light Crossbow’s we found.

Farewell, my friends.
I shall miss you all.

Your friend always,
Nal Innov

The day progresses otherwise uneventfully, and at the end of the day, the party goes to bed, only to be awoken by Tindes shortly after midnight by what sounds like an explosion.   The party grudgingly puts on their gear and makes their way out into the city to determine the source of the ruckus.  The guards are all tight lipped about what occurred.



Oathday, Sarenith 27, 4708

The next morning the party resumes their investigation into the night’s unknown explosion and learns that the city guard fired upon a vessel in the harbour and that it was sunk into the Jeggare River.

They make their way to the river after borrowing a small fishing boat and weigh anchor where they think the vessel had been sunk.  Odessa volunteers to jump in the water, and after being tied to a lead rope, heads to the bottom of the river, where she learns the name of the ship (Direption) and begins to explore the vessel, which is cracked in two at the bottom of the river.  Before long, Odessa is attacked by sea snakes and seeks the assistance of her friends to help her surface.

After learning little about the ‘Direption’ and why it was fired upon and sunk, the party makes their way to visit with Vencarlo Orisini, who had strangely enough sent message to them, a message they hadn’t yet received as they hadn’t yet returned to the Three Rings Tavern.

Upon arriving, Vencarlo tells them that on the night of the execution, Black Jack dropped brought Trinia by, and departed without a word.  He says that Trinia is not safe in the city, and asks whether the party can help her past the city gates where she’d be able to make her way to the arranged rendezvous that he’s arranged for her.

The party agrees, and with the use of one of Vencarlo’s carts, and a few horses, puts together the guise that the disguised Trinia is a travelling merchant making her way home.  Sajan, Sagann and Harsk pull off the ruse quite handily as they’re well known for taking odd guard jobs, and are permitted to lead their small caravan out of the city.

A few hours after departing Vencarlo’s, the party makes their way back “home” to the Three Rings Tavern where a city guard is waiting for them.  He has an important message from Grau Soldado – his niece Brienna is very ill and in need of assistance.  At Grau’s sister-in-law’s home, they meet Brienna, her mother, her two brothers and an acolyte of Abadar.  Odessa takes Brienna to the small temple of Shelyn where she is magically healed of her affliction.  Brienna’s mom, overtaken with joy, invites the party back to her home where she cooks up a grand feast for everybody.

Late in the evening, the party makes their way back the tavern for a well deserved night’s rest.



Fireday, Sarenith 28, 4708

The next morning, Tindes wakes up with a bright red rash on her face and neck.  She’s caught the same affliction that Brienna had last night!  Odessa suggests heading to the temple of Shelyn again, only to find it closed, a sign on the door suggesting that anybody seeking healing should make their way to the Grand Vault of Abadar.

There, they find a mob of people, all of them poor and destitute and sporting the same rash and blistered now featured on Tindes’ face, looking to the guards to let them into the temple so they can be healed.  The party struggles to make their way into the temple, and ultimate make their way to the doors, only to be barred access due to Tindes’ rash.  Fortune however favours them, as the acolyte from the day before happens to come out of the temple doors and invites them in, thanking them for answering his summons, a request the party hadn’t yet seen.  (It would seem the messengers in Korvosa are quite slow).

The acolyte arranges for Tindes to be cured, and asks if the party can escort them to Citadel Volshyenek so that he can meet with Field Marshall Cressida Kroft.

Once at the citadel, Cressida Kroft seems to have orders to have her city guard answer to the queen’s new martial arm, the Gray Maidens, and they are to assist Doctor Darvaulus and his Queen’s Physicians in containing the disease, now being referred to as “Blood Veil”, which is now plaguing the city, and already claiming dozens upon dozens of Korovsan Citizens.

Cressida asks the party to check out a rumour about plague carters not doing their job of transporting bodies to the Gray Warrens.  As they make their way to the party of the city identified by Cressida, the party runs into some vampire spawn out behind a toy shop.



Starday, Sarenith 29, 4708

Again this morning, Tindes wakes up with a Rash and Blisters on her face, as do Sagann and Harsk.  They make their way to the Grand Vault of Abadar, where even more people than yesterday are seeking healing from the clerics.  After some struggling, to get through the mob, the party makes their way inside where the three afflicted party members are cured of their ailment.

Deciding that Brienna is “Patient zero”, the party makes their way back to her mother’s home to ask Brienna some questions.   They learn that the morning she fell ill, Brienna had been exploring the river bank as she does every morning, and found a chest full of coins, which she quickly gathered, and proceeded to spend as fast as she could getting some things for her mom’s house as well as a little teddy bear for herself.

The party takes this information and immediately attempts to retrace Brienna’s route along the bank where they find a chest with the markings Brienna described.  They carefully bring the chest to Cressida and seek the help of her clerics to check the chest for magc and disease, only to find that there is neither magic nor disease affecting this chest.

The party, exhausted from their fruitless hunt for the source of the “Blood Veil” heads back to the inn and rests for the night.


Sunday, Sarenith 30, 4708

The party wakes up from a restful sleep.  Today, nobody seems to be afflicted with Blood Veil.