Toilday, Sarenith 3, 4708

This session picked up where the last left off, with the party still exploring the Dead Warrens in search of Thousand Bones’ grandsons body.

After exploring the rest of the complex, and encountering numerous creatures, the party ultimately found themselves face to face with a necromancer of significant ability.
With minimal resources at their disposal and an unfortunate blinding of Yoola, their half-orc archer, the party, through much toil, finally took down the necromancer, found the remains of Thousand Bones’ grandson and brought them back to Field Marshal Cressida Kroft.

Cressida indicates she’ll take care of the diplomatic relations with Thousand Bones, and hope that she can stave off the dire threat he pronounced when he first met our party.


Wealday, Sarenith 4, 4708

The next morning, the learns that Trinia had been taken by the Queen’s guard, interrogated and found to be guilty; her execution is to take place this evening. Kressda confesses that something doesn’t feel quite right about all this and asks if the party will attend the event later that same evening.

That evening, the party attends the execution, an affair that seems more a gathering of the nobility and a party than it is a witnessing to the eking out of punishment.

As the sun starts to set, Trinia is brought out, placed upon the headsman’s block, and awaits her fate.

At that moment, not only does the party jump into action, but so too does another – none other than Black Jack. Black Jack arrives first, kills the executioner, and begins to make his way to the castle walls.

The party members cover his escape to the best of their ability as the Queen and her guards escape back to the castle and the entirety of the residents in attendance begin to riot.

As Black Jack prepares to hop to the outside of the castle wall, he turns, nods to our party of adventurers and disappears into the night.