Wealday, Sarenith 4, 4708 – Toilday, Sarenith 25, 4708

Sagann is pretty pissed at what happened at the attempted execution of Trinia. Royally pissed. Not quite enraged but he’s always on that edge, which is generally beneficial unless that rage happens to be directed at someone in the party… Odessa made a decision on behalf of the party to attempt to intervene in the execution, forcing them to do something Sagann considered stupid, regardless of the reasons why, and irrespective of whether or not it all worked out ok in the end, the big guy is royally annoyed. And he does kill things for a living…

Harsk thought it would be a great idea to take on another one of those caravan guide jobs and get the heck out of Dodge… er Korvosa. The couple of weeks they were away managed to blunt the murderous intensity of Sagann’s rage to a “not killing the pally” level. While on the trip they met a guy… name is Sajan, likes to fight bare handed but is good enough at it he gained the respect of the lads. And he has an elderly uncle with a Smithy. Harsk and Sagann have this dream, you see, of opening a smithy and producing the best armor in Korvosa. So when the three returned from their trip, fast friends, they happily ensconced themselves in the old man’s smithy, forging stuff.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party, Odessa, Yoola, Tindes and Nal decide it might be a good idea to keep a low profile within Korvosa and let things smooth over a little bit.