Sunday, Sarenith 1, 4708

Upon completing their previous task, and meeting up with the rest of their party at Citadel Volshyenek, the party meets with Field Marshal Cressida Kroft who brings the party up to speed on the day’s happenings: The queen has named the king’s killer and fears that this individual, whether guilty or not, will not get a fair trial. She wants Trinia, an artist commissioned last year to paint the King’s portrait, brought in. Cressida can’t send her guards in, as she fears it’ll trigger a riot. She can’t ask the Hellknights, as they couldn’t care less, being more interested in containing the mob. She asks the party to head into the Midlands, bring Trinia Sabor in, safe and sound, so that she can be interrogated, preferably with magic, and her role in Eodred’s death accurately determined.

The party, weary from their day’s toils, sleeps the night in the citadel before setting out the next morning.rests up for the night.


Moonday, Sarenith 2, 4708

The next morning, after preparing themselves for the task at hand, the party makes their way to the midlands.  Upon approach to of the main avenues of the city that border the north and eastern portions of the city quarter, the party is accosted by a pair of Hell knights who break off their patrol.  Odessa attempts to diplomatically sweet-talk their way into the midlands, but the larger, and more oppressive of the two hell knights, advises that they are trying to contain the mob in the midlands, and don’t need any do-gooders getting in the way and causing any trouble.  He then proceeds to advise the party to move along, and to not get in the way, promptly returning to his patrol.

From a short distance away, and out of sight of the hell knight patrol, the party scouts out the patrol route, and observes a fairly sparse, but consistent presence of hell knights, in groups of two to four individuals about every couple hundred feet along the entire perimeter of the midlands, and comes up with a plan to take advantage of the thin, if overpowering hell knight presence.

The plan works and they enter the midlands, apparently unobserved by the hell knights, and proceed to make their way to the address provided to them by Field Marshall Kroft, whereupon they find a two-storey abandoned merchant’s shop.

The party searches each room of the shop, and the residential quarters above, concluding that there’s no sign of their quarry.  After much deliberation, they decide that perhaps “The Shingles” might be worth searching, and proceed to make their way up to the “city above the city” using a knotted rope and a monkey-style monkey climb.

Up in The Shingles, they initially find no sign of Trinia and decide to stay near to the address given to them, to wait for her arrival.  However, nobody comes or goes from their vicinity, and nobody really pays them any attention after the initial shock of their arrival.  A while later, some of the party members are bowled over by a group of children playing a game, and their caretaker comes by to apologize.  After a short conversation with the children and the caretaker, the party is sent on “grand tour” of the shingles as they are sent this way and that way in their in search for Trinia.  This search ultimately culminates in them arriving at a 15×15 shack squeezed up between a few buildings, that are the last known place that Trinia was seen, as recently as last night.

After much deliberation and discussion, the party decides to break down the front door (after finding it locked) and find Trinia asleep in her bed; only something seems amiss.  It takes a few moments, but the party soon realizes that it’s only an illusion and that the real Trinia has jumped out of the only window of this building into a narrow “alleyway”.  The party immediately takes up the pursuit.

Through a combination of skill and diplomacy, the party manages to convince Trinia that they are there to protect her and ensure her safety.  The alter her appearance, provide her with some different clothes and make their way to the north-westernmost corner of the shingles and hatch a plan to get themselves, and Trinia, out of the Shingles safely.  Using Trinia’s illusion abilities, they get the mob into a frenzy chasing an illusion of herself, sparking the mob riot that the hell knights were trying to avoid.

Upon arrival at Cressida’s office, Trinia is taken into custody and provided with very nicest of accommodations in the Citadel’s prison.  The party stays with her in the prison, awaiting her interrogation to take place, but as  many hours pass, and evening turns into night, nobody arrives to question Trinia.  The party returns to Cressida’s office only to realize that something is amiss.  Cressida assures the party that she’ll do everything she can to ensure a fair and proper interrogation of Trinia.  She then asks them to take on another task for her, turning the floor over to Thousand Bones, a Way-Keeper of Skoan-Quah, the Clan of the Skull.

Thousand Bones describes how his people and Korvosans have never gotten along, but the recent death of his grandson has his peoples in in quite the mood to “deal with their Korvosan problems the only way they know how”.  Thousand Bones departs, and the Field Marshall gives the party their next task. Head into the Grays, find a specific mausoleum and find the remains of the Thousand Bones’ grandson.  She adds, that if they fail to find the remains, between the riots in the streets, and the looming assault from the Thousand Bone’s Shoanti tribes, Korvosa’s fate is already doomed.  The party, understanding the tenuous condition the city is in, agrees to locate Ghaeken’s body, or whatever remains of it, and bring it back to the Citadel.

The party, weary from their travels into, through, and out of the Shingles, rests the night in the Citadel.


Toilday, Sarenith 3, 4708

As the morning rises on Sarenith 3, 4708, a day normally reserved for the Day of Destiny Festival.  But it seems today that Korvosa’s destiny is far from certain.

As the implication of the rioting in the city, and the threat of violence from the Shoanti tribes sinks in, the party prepares themselves for the coming day and cautiously make their way to The Grays.  They locate the indicated mausoleum without difficulty and proceed inside down a lengthy set of double-wide stairs into the poorly lit facilities.

At the bottom of the stairs, the party finds a room filled with bones of all types and sizes, and before long finds themselves being attacked by skeletons.

In the second room, they find two <redacted> creatures playing an unusual game involving a mouse and a maze.  The creatures lead the assault and soon find themselves bleeding out on the ground.

In the third room, the party finds another <redacted> very intently placing stirges on a dead corpse.  The party very successfully manages to surprise him, but not before the remaining stirges take flight in the room, with the bulk managing to attach themselves to Tindes. After a few tense moments of combat, all the creatures in the room are dead, and Yoola uses one of her scrolls of lesser restoration to help Tindes.

In the fourth room the party finds an Otyugh feasting on body parts, but at the sound of the party entering his chamber, he turns on the party crying out “Warm Food!”.  Yoola finds herself taking most of the damage as the creature managed to grapple her in the first round.  After a few rounds, the Otyugh is finally slain, and Odessa comes to the rescue bringing much needed healing to the party.