Sunday Sarenith 1, 4708

After waking up from a night’s rest, Tindes and Yoola wake up and make their way to the front of the Three Rings Tavern to get some food. After waiting a short while for their companions to get up, they go looking for their companion. Nal is incredibly ill and unwilling to get up and out for the day. For their part, Harsk and Sagann left overnight, leaving only a note that they had an errand to run and would hopefully be back tomorrow, or the day after at the worst case.

Tindes and Yoola make their way back up to the front, have a bite to eat, thereafter proceeding to perform their normal morning daily activities (Yoola praying to Shelyn and preparing her spells, and Tindes preparing her extracts).

Moments after finishing their daily routine, a half-elf woman rushes into the Three Rings Tavern, asking to see Sagann. Tindes and Yoola answered that he’s not around, and the woman promptly turns around and departs.  Taken aback, Yoola and Tindes weren’t sure what to do or say, when Yoola realised this woman’s cloak was being pinned to her full plate armour with a pair of holy symbols to Shelyn. This prompted Yoola and Tindes to immediately follow the half-elf and inquire as to what is going on.

The half-elf introduces herself as Odessa Thorn, and indicates that she was asked to summon Sagann and his friends, but didn’t remember what Sagann’s friends’ names were. A quick apology and quick introductions later,a and the trio, make their way back to Citadel Volshyenek to meet with Field Marshall Cressida Kroft.

Cressida asks the Yoola and Tindes if they’ve heard the recent rumours involving Captain Keelhaul Kellion and Beltias Kreun. Cressida reiterates what she knows:

  • According to the captain, Beltias made off with several of his prized sea maps.
  • According to the crew, Beltias made off with Kellion’s favourite Varisian dancing girl.
  • Beltias is a master of disguises, but he can be identified by a prominent skull and crossbones branded on the inside of his left wrist.
  • Beltias hides out at a mission in Splithog Alley.

She doesn’t care how the party gets the job done, but Cressida reinforces that she wants Beltias alive. Further, she says that if she knows that Beltias is hiding out in Splithog Alley, then Keelhaul knows too.

Before sending Tindes and Yoola on their way, Cressida points out that they seem to be short a few friends, and sends Odessa with them, and a wizard from her mage cadre.

As the sun rises to its zenith, the party arrives at St. Caspierian’s Mission and makes their way in. The mission is filled with the oppressed of Korovosa. A quick check around the place and the party is unsure of where to find Beltias.

As Odessa sits down in the middle of the dining hall, breaks our her lute and proceeds to put on a fabulous performance while Tindes, Yoola and their wizard companion proceed to pop a locked door and proceed upstairs. There they an old man intoxicated and sleeping. Careful use of magic causes the old man to roll over, but alas, he’s not Beltias. Rather, he’s the Pastor who runs this mission and he’s become an alcoholic as a solution to arthritis.

After some quick discussion with the pastor, his caretaker Jhonas, and the cook Mumsy, they learn that while nobody can specifically identify him, Mumsy is sure he’s seen somebody with a skull and crossbones brand on his wrists eat dinner every night.

Moments later, a poor mad fellow, wearing nothing but a sack cloth, comes into the mission declaring that he’s a fallen angel and trying to redeem other lost souls. At nearly the same time, Odessa is accosted a young man attempting to steal her coin pouch (which is always well secured some place other than her waist belt).

In the chaos that ensues with these two events, two individuals, who appear to be less downtrodden than most of the people in the mission, run for the front doors, and not one minute later, the mission’s bell starts to ring. Three sharp rings and then nothing.

The party realising that this is an inappropriate time for the bell to be tolling makes their upstairs via the doors near the entrance. A pair of combats ensue, but the party is unable to locate the two men that left the mission.

As the party concludes that Beltias must not be in the mission and prepares to return to the first floor, they are ambushed by shady looking character with advanced weaponry. The individual manages to get past the party and makes his way down the stairs, with the party following. As the individual attempts to lose the party, he is located making his way up the stairs (now unlocked from the lock picking the party did earlier). Fortunately he’s found running up the stairs. At that point, the party splits up, two chasing the man up the stairs, with two back-tracking the way they came and corner him in the Pastor’s chamber. There the man manages to avoid pretty much all attacks, but a well placed attack by the wizard with his rapier and the man falls unconscious.

The party ties him up to the pastor’s bed, removes his wrist-wraps and find a skull and crossbones brand on his left wrist. Beltias!

The party strips him down, and Odessa proceeds with dressing him up as an artistic pig. They march back to the Citadel, disgracefully carrying Beltias on Odessa’s shoulders and deliver him, unconscious, to Cressida Kroft.

Cressida, concerned that Beltias is dead, calls the party out, whereupon Odessa heals Beltias who awakens confused. Cressida calls in a pair of guards who slap manacles on Beltias, and escort him to the brig.

The field marshall brings the party up to speed on the days goings ons: The queen has named the king’s killer and fears that this individual, whether guilty or not, will not get a fair trial. She wants Trinia, an artist commissioned last year to paint the King’s portrait, brought in. Cressida can’t send her guards in, as she fears it’ll trigger a riot. She can’t ask the Hellknights, as they couldn’t care less, and are more interested in containing the mob (hence their significant presence at every point of entry into and out of Old Korovosa, and the long inspection queues). She asks the party to head into the midlands, bring Trinia Sabor in, safe and sound, so that she can be interrogated, preferably with magic, and  her role in Eodred’s death accuratly determined.