Fireday 9, Desnus 4708

With the passing of noon, our party of heroes depart Castle Korvosa en route to the front gate of Citadel Volshyenek, they are quickly escorted to Field Marshal Cressida Kroft; a woman of some importance within the Korvosan Guard, who immediately ensures that this party of heroes is well taken care of.  She offers them food and lodging at the Citadel, or if they’d prefer she’s made arrangements with Theandra Darklight, the owner of the Three Rings Tavern, for them to stay at the Inn.

Cressida is quick to point out that the Citadel is somewhat short-staffed, something the party noticed when they arrived a short time ago.  She indicates that she has a task for them: head to an abandoned meat shop in North Point, called “All the World’s Meat”, and bring Verik Vancaskerkin, a deserter from the Korvosan Guard, back to her, preferably alive.  Verik has been inciting desertion with the ranks of the Korvosan Guard, and he needs to be held to account.

The party makes their way to the Three Rings Tavern with the intention of resting for the night.  Once arrived, not only do they meet the proprietor of the Tavern, but also a colourful and inebriated individual named Grau Soldado.  Grau mistakes Harsk, our dwarven ranger, for his old friend Neffi.  After much interaction, the party realizes that Grau is a Korvosan Guard member, and decides to help him sober up by taking him to the back of the Tavern and get him to sleep off his intoxication. During his recovery, Harsk stays with Grau and Sagann stays in the public area of the tavern enjoying the local fare that a tab with the Tavern apparently entitles him to.   Meanwhile, before the sun sets complete, Yoola, Tindes, and Nal make their way into the city streets looking for a merchant with scrolls of lesser restoration, to help poor inebriated Grau and manage to find 2 such scrolls.


Starday 10, Desnus 4708

The next morning, Grau awakens, a little confused about the recent events both within the Tavern and within the City of Korvosa, and very quickly makes his way back to the Citadel to report in.

Meanwhile, our party of heroes makes their way to “All the World’s Meat”, where they encounter some resistance from the Verik’s guards, before exploring much of the butcher shop.  Upstairs they find Verik Vanskerkin, defiant and unwilling to depart with the party back to the Citadel.  Verik takes the first shot in the encounter, but ultimately through the innovative use of tactics by the party, is taken alive.  They strip him of his gear, pocketing much of it for their own personal use, and tie him up.  They loot the room, finding a silver dagger that radiates magic but can’t yet be identified, and the party proceeds to return Verik to the Citadel to be held to account for his crimes.

Field Marshall Cressida Kroft is pleased with their efforts and invites the party to her office.  The she introduced them to Vencarlo Orisini.  The two tell of a political plot to isolate Korvosa from the trade routes in the region.  The party is provided with some bribe money and is asked to go to Eel’s End, to retrieve some sensitive information from Devargo Barvasi that will help prevent the trade embargoes from occurring, and return to the Citadel as soon as possible.  Devargo is a dangerous man, Cressida warns, and while he pays his taxes promptly, he is well known to be at the heart many illegal goings on in the city.

Vencarlo Orisini departs with the party, as he is en route back to his academy in Old Korvosa, and Eel’s End is somewhat on the way.  Once crossing the bridge to Old Korvosa, the party makes their way straight to Eel’s End and begins to negotiate with Devargo.  After offering up a substantial sum of bribe money, and entertaining Devargo with a game of knivesies (which Sagann quite easily won), Devargo agrees and returns from his quarters below deck with a pair of scandalous letters between the Chelaxian Ambassador to Korvosa, one Darvayne Gios Amprei, and his mistress back in Cheliax, who happens to be the wife of a well respected Chelaxian noble.

Upon returning these letters to Cressida, she indicates that this is exactly the kind of information that she can use to protect Korvosa’s trade routes.

Cressida then asks the party where they can be located, in case she has any extra work for them.  The party indicates they’ll be at the Three Rings Tavern and departs.