As our party of adventurers finishes off their assignment to obtain information crucial to defending Korvosa’s trade routes, they return to the Three Rings Tavern to rest up from their recent adventures and ponder what more Field Marshall Cressida Kroft might ask them to do.

A day passes, then a second, stretching to a week.  With the setting of each day’s sun, the party reconvenes at the Three Rings Tavern to enjoy a meal together.  There, they begin to hear various tidbits and tidings of the goings on within the City of Korvosa from the various visitors to the Tavern, which has become their home and base of operations.

Whether it be locals, travellers or merchants, the patrons of the tavern are open to discussion and have no issues sharing the various rumours that are starting to make their way around the city:

  • The Acadamae has postponed this year’s breaching festival.  Normally held on the last Sunday of Desnus, the Acadamae has issued an official decree that their students and staff are simply unable to ensure the caliber of contest that they have in past years due to the recent events after the passing of King Eodred II.
  • Hadge stole something from the Acadamae, and nobody, including the Acadamae can find him.
  • Adril Hestram is paying good money for someone to visit Flint Tower and check it out for him.
  • The king’s death was not of natural causes, and the Queen seems ready to issue a royal decree on the subject.
  • Some old coot named Savarre (or something or other) just bought the old haunted Dralkard place and wants somebody to check out if it’s haunted or not before he retires there!
  • Cap’n “Keelhaul” Kellion has offered a sizable bounty for the head of his former first mate, a mutinous bastard by the name of Beltias Kreun.
  • Sir Canayven Heidmarch is looking for some brave souls to retrieve some stuff from the vaults below the city.

As a week, stretches into two, and then into three, the party starts to wonder if they’ll ever hear word from Cressida Kroft.  As this realization starts to sink in, they also realize that it’s been weeks weeks since Eodred II’s death.  And while things, in some respects, are finally starting to get back to normal in Korvosa, the streets thrum with unrest and wild rumors. Crime seems to be on the rise, with pickpocketings, robberies, and assaults skyrocketing. Some hiss “usurper” and “murdering harlot” at the mere utterance of Ileosa’s name.  Civil unrest is starting to rise, and once again, riots threaten to erupt in the streets.

Elapsed Period:  Sunday 11 Desnus, 4708 through Starday 31 Desnus, 4708