Fireday, Erastus 12, 4708

With this lead on Vencarlo, the party makes their way to a local Artist’s home, hoping to speak with him, and instead find woman sitting in his work room, awaiting his return.  She indiciates she has some information on where Salvator Scream is, but is unable to convince the Emperor’s Guards to let her speak with his highness.  The party agrees to let Laori accompany them after advising her that they actually have an invitiation to visit the Emperor.

Upon Arriving at the “Palace”, the party is again accosted by the Emperor’s thugs, this time demanding that they relinquish their weapons.  The party convinces these thugs that that is unnecessary, and they allow the party to enter the Emperor’s throne room.

There they meet and discuss with the Emperor about their desire to speak with Salvator Scream.  The Emperor eventually agrees, but requires the party to prove themselves in a game of Blood Pig.

The party eventually wins the game, and they are brought to speak with Salvator, but the Emperor insists that he be present, along with his executioner Jabbyr.

Scream reveals scant information, but the party determines that there’s much that he’s not saying, so the party begins their assault on the Emperor and Jabbyr.  Before long, half the combattants are confused, and faring poorly, the emperor confused and bleeding all over the ground, and Tindes and Harsk each unconscious.  In a moment of brief clarity, the emperor winks out of existance before Jabbyr is dispatched.

Salvator thanks the party for saving him, but indicates that the Palace is not a safe place to share the information he has.

Laori takes this opportunity to show her worth to the party, and using one of her spells, shifts the party to the edge of shadow, and with instructions from the party, brings them back to the Three Rings Tavern.