Moonday, Erastus 8, 4708


As the party waits for the plethora of spells to dissipate in the temple, they search the room they are in.  Beyond some very expensive magical scrolls and wands hidden in the central statue, they also find an intact Death’s Head Coffer, Dr. Davaulus’ notes on Blood Veil and Rolth’s notes on Blood Veil.

The party provides the Death’s Head coffer to Arkminos, and in exchange he releases Ruan, and promptly gathers his things and departs in a spark of arcane magic.  A quick search of the room reveals a third set of notes on Blood Veil

All those suffering from Blood Veil are sent to the Grand Vault of Absalom, and the party lets Ruan head home, as they head back to the inn with a grand collection of loot.


Toilday, Erastus 9, 4708

Tindes spends a day working through all three sets of notes, idenfiies some interesting oddness with Blood Veil, and figures out how to concoct a cure.  Meanwhile, Odessa has gone to the Vault of Abadar to collect Squiggz and brings him back to the Inn as well.


Wealday, Erastus 10, 4708

Using Tindes’ ideas on creating a cure for Blood Veil, Tindes and Squiggz each create a number of curative drafts.  Each party member takes one, and that night, Damian spreads the remaining 6 over the most affected parts of Korvosa


Oathday, Erastus 11, 4708

The party receives a summons from Queen Ileosa, that they are to be recognized for their efforts in preventing the spread of Blood Veil, later that day, at a special celebration in the Castle Grounds.

At the conclusion of the celebration, a large number of citizens (as they weren’t invited to the celebration), approached the party, and provided them with their own thank yous for pushing back Blood Veil.

They are also invited to the Soldado’s for a special thank you from Tace.  On the way to the Soldado’s the party stops in at the Citadel to meet with Cressida, where she bears some ill news.  Not just about the state of the city, but also Vencarlo.  He hasn’t been heard from in Days, and Cressida fears the worst, since he was in Old Korvosa when the Quarantine was placed.

The group agrees to look for Vencarlo, but indicate they want to visit some old friends, and will begin their search for Vencarlo in the morning.


Fireday, Erastus 12, 4708

Zellara summons herself bearing grave portents.  The party hears her out, but indicate that they still need to head into Old Korvosa to look for a friend.

The party makes their way into Old Korvosa, being accosted by scores of the self-proclaimed Emperor of Old Korvosa’s thugs, eventually getting an invite to visit the Emperor.

As they find their way to the Vencarlo’s Academy, they find that the school has been razed to the ground.

Fortunately, a passerby indicates that Vencarlo’s home is next door.

The party enters the house and after searching a few rooms, is ambushed by a pair of Assassins intent on not just killing them, but also hiding the evidence of their death’s by burning the house to the ground.

Some quick thinking by the party, and not only is the fire put out, but the assassins dispatched.

After exiting the home, they are approached by a local citizen, who indicates he was a student’s of Vencarlo’s before the Academy burnt down, and might have some information on where to find Vencarlo