Sunday, Erastus 7, 4708

The party picks up where the left off, and proceeds to make their way to one of the rooms they found earlier, what seemed to be a communal bedroom for the acolytes. They spend an hour or so barricading each themselves in, ensuring that none of the three entrances to this room can be breached. The party then proceeds to sleep in shifts, each of the 5 party members taking 2 hours apiece.

Through the course of the night, each member believes they hear something on the other side of the barricading doors. Only one party member proceeds to wake the rest of the party up, but the party promptly heads back to sleep, confident they can handle it in the morning.



Moonday, Erastus 8, 4708

The party wakes up, prepares themselves for their assault on the temple of Urgathoa; spells and extracts are prepared, and the party begins to dismantle one of the barricades that they put up.

The high priestess has been busy – Each of the rooms they now have to traverse features raised versions of the foes they had seen previously.   In the first room are Gray Maidens, raised as fully armored skeletons.  In the second room there are no additional foes.  But in the third room (the room where they previously battle Dr. Davaulus), is an army of undead clerics and undead Queen’s Physicians waiting for them.

The party make easy work of them and proceeds beyond the as-of-yet unexplored into the as of yet unexplored double doors.

Beyond these doors they are greeted by none other than Lady Andaisin herself who beckons the party to bow at her feet.

The party begins to make their way into the long hallway between the doors and the temple proper, when Tindes realizes that the statues aren’t statues at all… they’re living dead!

The party does their best to get Tindes out of the way of harm, but is unable to reach her. Though an amazing feat of acrobatics on her parts gets her back to the party near the door, when suddenly, Rolth appears near Andaisin, and casts a web behind the party preventing their escape.

through the use of good tactics, and battlefield control, the party dispatches all of the zombies, and begins to make their way towards Andaisin, leading with a swarm of mad monkeys, which Andaisin dispels a few rounds later, due it resulting in her bodyguards being disarmed.

Rolth puts up a wall of blades, as a defensive strategy, which Damian responds to with an aqueous orb; picking up the skeletal bodyguards and bringing them back and forth across the blades, killing 3 of the 4 bodyguards in short order.

Moments later, Sagann is commanded to walk in a straight line by Andaisin, right across the wall of blades, and bast the remaining bodyguard, taking attacks from every direction.

Damian uses dimension door to teleport Tindes and Odessa into the temple area, leaving Harsk and Rifok on the other side of the blades. Odessa quickly dispatches Rolth (who had been subjected to a confusion spell by Rifok), and the party begins their assault on Andaisin.

Surrounded and outnumbered, Andaisin begins to cast a number of offensive and defensive spells, but there’s just not enough time, the party dispatches her, just as Damian’s aqueous orb collects Andaisin’s corpse and drags it along before disipating.

At that exact moment, in the exact place where Andaisin had been slain, a large clawed creature appears – a Daughter of Urgathoa.

Some of the party members get attacked by the claw and feel the effects of blood veil riddling the creature’s body, until Damian uses a series of magic missiles to knock the creature to the ground, where the party and creature go toe-to-toe.

In mere moments the creature is dispatched, and the party awaits the various spell effects to dissipate.