Sunday, Erastus 7, 4708


In an almost fitting manner, the party continues their assault on the underground Temple of Urgathoa, on Sunday, the holiest day of the week in the City of Korvosa.

As the party takes a couple of minutes to rest, they soon realize they’re not the only ones in this complex attempting to understand what is going on, who’s involved, and how this all relates to Blood Veil.  Damien, a tiefling of some arcane power, following the trail of bodies left behind by our party of heroes, approaches the party, and suggests an alliance.

The party, short one member, and joined by a new ally, proceed to take explore more of this temple complex.

The next room is filled with a variety of different undead creatures, which the party quite handily dispatches.

The party then decides to backtrack a little bit, exploring all the room and chambers along their path that they hadn’t yet explored, to ensure that nobody else, with more malicious intents, would sneak up on them from behind.

Beyond a number of Korvosans suffering from blood veil, they find 6 individuals (5 humans and 1 halfling) locked up in a jail cell, completely clear of the disease, even though the entire complex is rank with Blood Veil.  These prisoners ask to be let free, but Odessa convinces them that it is safest in the cells until the party has cleared the complex.

Returning to their mission at hand, the party continues to proceed deeper into the complex, where they are encountered by none other than Rolth, and a number of Clerics of Urgathoa.  Through a combination of good tactics and battlefield control, the party manages to corner Rolth before he manages to escape, heavily wounded, through a dimension door.

The party checks all the rooms in that come off of this one, finding two storage rooms, and a labratory.  The latter of these not only hold a scientist of some sort, but also a bound individual they recognize by his description – Ruan.

The party attempts to parley with the scientist who asks that they party pays him 2,000gp to buy this young man.  The party refuses, and attempts to intimidate the scientist into combat.  After a long discussion, the scientist and party agree on the release of Ruan would be conditional on the party recovering the last remaining Death’s Head Coffer that is currently stored in the Inner Sanctum.

The party proceeds to move deeper into the Temple, and in the next room, they come to find not only Dr. Davaulus, but also a great many clerics and Queen’s Physicians making their final stand.  The party, through the use of good tactics manages to either kill or disable every one of the Physicians and Clerics before having to deal with a particularly nasty surprise released by the clerics, before turning their attention to Dr. Davaulus, who at the last moment winks out of existence as the room starts to flood with strange fluids released from the containment units in this room.