Starday, Erastus 6, 4708

The party decides that there’s something very wrong at the hospice, and decides to go back and ask a few more questions.  While there, they take some time to check around all the various rooms, but find nothing of note.

Afterwards, they decide that maybe checking near the Marbledome, the last known location of Rolth, might reveal some clues.  After breaking in, they find nothing of note.

That night, they return to the hospice, capture one of the Queen’s Physicians, take him back to the deepest, darkest corner of the marbledome and interrogate him.  Ultimately the Physician, after being beaten to within an inch of his life, reveals the temple is in the basement of the hospice.



Sunday, Erastus 7, 4708

The next morning, the party wakes up to find that Tindes and Harsk once again wake up with Blood Veil, prompting the party to make their near-daily pilgrimmage to the Vault of Abadar.

Later that day, the party heads back into the hospice and starts to assault the Gray Maidens and Queen’s Physicians.  Alas, being so close to the infected patients, results in Harsk, TIndes, Malatir and Sagann acquiring Blood Veil.  Odessa cures Harsk’s blood veil before the party starts to search the hospice more carefully, ultimately find that the lift to the second floor, also descends to the basement.

Once reaching the basement they are immediately attacked by 4 gray maidens, who are dispatched fairly quickly, just as Harsk opens a door setting off a poison gas trap in the room.

The party finds what appears to be a vestibule for the Queen’s Physicians, and then goes into the next room where they find a number of Clerics of Urgathoa.  These too were fairly quickly dispatched, but not before Malatir, still suffering the effects of Blood Veil falls in combat.