Oathday, Erastus 4, 4708
On this particular day, nobody wakes up with Blood Veil, and it Malatir’s Blood Veil from the day before, seems to have cured itself.

The party makes their way to see Cressida, who advises that a young woman is claiming that her brother is missing after having attended a party at the Carowyn Manor. The party agrees to check out it, as the Korvosan Guard is still heavily understaffed.

Once arriving at the Manor, Tindes is overcome with the overwhelming air of death that surround the manorhouse. Within the manorhouse, the party finds all the party goers going about their party activities. However each of them has been turned into undead zombies.

It doesn’t take long for the party to clear the house of the zombies, and play a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with the person that created all the zombies.

She eventually is captured by the party and she spills her guts to them, implicating Rolth.

A more thorough search of the house by the party reveals one of the proprietors of the house hiding in the basement. His wife alas, had been turned into one of the zombies.

The party drops the proprietor off with the church of Abadar, and there Odessa pursues ome private business with Ishani and the upper clergy of the vault.



Fireday, Erastus 5, 4708

The next morning, the party reports their findings to Cressida, who draws the connection between the Caroywn Manor and the parties previous venture in to the Grays to retrieve the body of Thousand Bones’ grandson.

The party inquires about the what all this means, when Ishani enters Cressida’s office. The two of them report their suspicions that something is amiss with the Queen’s physicians, but have no conclusive proof.

The party says they can start to take a look, and asks for the best place to start, to which Cressida advises the Hospice of the Blessed Maiden.

Once arrived, the party, with some ‘strange patience’ by Odessa, manages to get an audience with Dr. Darvaulus, but find nothing overtly suspicious, except perhaps the doctor’s evil alignment.  The Doctor encourages them to check out a cult in Old Korvosa.

The party departs, and comes back after dark.

With a potion of invisibility on hand, Tindes sneaks back into the Hospice, makes her way to Darvaulus’ office, and searches the place. Unfortunately, she finds nothing.
The party makes their way to bed.



Starday, Erastus 6, 4708

The party awakes in the morning to find that nobody has contracted Blood Veil.