Wealday, 7 Desnus 4708

Each of our five future-heroes begins the morning finding a strange playing card amongst their possessions:

  • Yoola’s is tucked neatly in her holy text
  • Harsk’s is hidden within his beloved teapot
  • Tindes’ is stowed within her Alchemy Crafting Kit
  • Sagann’s is stowed away in his pack
  • Nal finds his in his cooking pot.

The card directs each of them to visit a small well maintained cottage at sunset. Upon arriving, all of our would-be heroes, learn that they all have some link to each other, if only through the deeds of another – Gaedran Lamm – a strange little man who takes advantage of others in every way imaginable.

Soon after their arrival and tenuous introductions, Zellara, the proprietor of the cottage arrives and asks them all to have a seat. She goes on to explain to them that she would like their assistance in bringing Gaedran Lamm to justice, and that she can provide the location of his whereabouts, but she herself is unable to make her way to that location.

The party agrees and immediately makes their way to old fishery, arriving late in the evening, and begins to look around the exterior of the building to see what they can find. All the doors appear to be locked, and the fishery appears to be vacant.

Breaking in the door, they are attacked by a dog, apparently protecting this particular entrance. Continuing to poke around, the party is surprised by a thug who was occupying a bedroom that hadn’t yet been searched.

Eventually finding their way to the large processing room at the back of the structure, the party locates a large number of children sleeping on the ground under the watchful eye of two more thugs, who make it their purpose to stop these intruders. After many minutes of combat, the children have all been awoken, the thugs dispatched and then the children run out into the street.

Tired and weary, the party decides to barricade themselves in one of the fishery’s rooms, and camp the night.


Oathday 8, Desnus 4708

The party awakes, prepares themselves for this new day and proceeds to explore more of this old building, with the hopes of finding Gaedran Lamm.

The party eventually finds their way to the large vessel at the back of the fishery, locating a secret entrance, only to find it infested with spiders and rotting.

Eventually, the party locates Gaedran Lamm himself and makes very quick work of him, ultimately locating his keys and unlocking a chest full of his treasures, things he had found/stolen over the years. Amongst these “treasures” is a particularly notable brooch, that the party recognizes as the brooch Queen Ileosa lost some time back, as well as a deck of harrow cards identicial to the one that Zellara had used the day before.

Deciding to return to the cottage to report back to Zellara, the party comes to find that while they were hard at work dealing with Gaedrann, the city had turned to a state of bedlam. Riots in the street, Hellknights walking in small groups, Sable Marine Company flying military formations, fires all around, Arcane explosions going off.

The party quickly returns to the cottage, doing their best to stay out of trouble, only to find the cottage in complete disarray, as though it hadn’t been occupied in weeks. None of the neighboring buildings seem to have suffered the same fate.

Sensing the party’s arrival, along with her Harrow Deck, Zellara materializes out of thin air, apologizing to the party for her deceit and explaining her actions and motivations.

The party spends the remainder of the day and the night staying out of the chaos currently occurring in the streets.


Fireday 9, Desnus 4708

The next day, with the anarchy in the streets, the party sets off to sell some of the loot they collected the previous day and then proceeds to Castle Korvosa to return the brooch they found to its rightful owner — Queen Ileosa of Korvosa — recently ascended to the throne after the passing of her husband the previous day.

The queen is happy to have been reunited with her brooch and offers the party a handsome reward for its recovery. She then congratulates the party for a job well done, and asks the party to serve their city once more, and give assistance to the Korvosan Guard, which is stretched terribly thin due to recent events.

The party agrees, and begins to make their way to Citadel Volshyenek, to meet with Field Marshal Cressida Kroft, to see what they can do to assist their beloved, City of Korvosa.