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This is a homebrew campaign setting, based in part on the Ravenloft Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Setting. This section is intended primarily for session summaries.

Tria Campaign Session #2

What do you do when your empty town suddenly experiences a mass-influx of people?

That’s what happened to the party and our town recently, due in no small part to our action in taking down the anti-paladin in the mines a few short weeks ago.  As we knew, the Town of No Hope experienced a recent brightening in the sky, and apparently this was visible from various locales in the vicinity, resulting in people arriving to see what this was all about.

3 days before our session started though, another influx of people arrived, this time, not out of curiosity, but rather, out of desperation.  Apparently, some dark warrior his pet dire……

Tria Campaign Kickoff

As noted in my latest Giantslayer update, one of the Giantslayer players is running a campaign where I can be a player. I plan to record our progress as adventurers in this blog. This post is the summary of our initial session. Keep an eye out for further posts as I make them.

Our session started off with each player’s character hanging out in one of the tavern’s in the City of Tria. Out of nowhere, and absolute bear of a man, calling himself Brynjarn the Bear-Thrower, throws open the door of the Tavern, and calls out seeking anybody interested in joining him on a grand adventure.

After a lot of……