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Jade Regent Session #4

Day 4

Nasuata, Agatha and James decide to use the map they found to explore the different parts of the Brinestump Marsh.  As they explore, they find a hidden path at the south edge of the marsh, that doesn’t seem to be close to the main road from town.

The party makes their way back to the now-abandoned goblin village to spend the night.


Day 5

Our party of brave adventurers continues their explorations of the Brinestump marsh and come upon a fenced clearing, wherein lies the recently burnt out husk of a sailing vessel, that seems oddly out of place in the marsh.  The only indications of this ship’s origins is the only……

Jade Regent Session #3

Day 3

Nasuata, Agatha and James explore the Licktoad Village, which appears to be abandoned in disrepair.  Fortunately for them, there are only a few goblins hiding in defense of their village.  Their search ultimately find evidence that the goblins indeed have fireworks.  But more importantly, hidden in a small stash of treasures kept by the goblin cheiftain, the party finds what appears to be a treasure map scrawled on the back of a hand fan!  The map leads deeper into the Brinestump Marsh!


Jade Regent Session #2

Day 2

Nasuata, Agatha and James, along with their new friend Walthus, make their way back along the New Fish Road, to the Old Coast Road, on route to the Old Fish Road.  Their objective is to find out what the goblins of the Licktoad Village are up to!


Jade Regent Session #1

Day 1

Nasuata, Agatha and James, hear some rumours in the Rusty Dragon that the local Sherriff has re-enacted the Goblin Bounty after the Licktoad Goblins seem to have started harrassing travellers and residents along the roads near the Brinestump Marsh, armed with what appeared to be fireworks.

Our curious group of adventurers learn that Walthus Proudstump might be able to offer them some assistance, and they make their way into the Brinestump Marsh to seek their advice on how best to explore the marsh.

Arriving at his house, they learn that somebody is impersonating him, and proceed to dispatch the imposter and locate Walthus who had locked himself away in……