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This topic area is primarily intended as a place to record session summaries for the campaign being run for my girls and their cousins.

There is of course a spoiler alert alert that needs to be announced here, as the players will be playing a variety of different scenarios, modules and campaign components from published adventure sources.

Gummy Knights – Session #4

As it turns out, what the professor had in mind, while very specific, was far from a simple task: collect five sacred items for the Professor in exchange for not being sent to prison for 40 years. But there’s a catch; the Company of the Black Banner left an hour ago with the same goal.  Whichever group collects and returns all five items will get the dagger, but if neither group collects them all, the Sheriff keeps the dagger for himself.

The party agrees and sets out for the Druid’s grove, but along the way are slowed down by a snare trap that nearly caught Heather. But even though she wasn’t ensnared by……

Gummy Knights – Session #3

As our brave party of heroines continued their journey to the cairns to the north, they decided to take a closer interest in the unicorn who appeared to be following them.

After many shenanigans, the party decided to follow the unicorn into the forest, and eventually lost track of the unicorn, and lost their way.  Many hours later, they exited the forest on a road they didn’t recognize, and decided to follow it.

As they traveled along the road they chanced upon a small pack of wild dogs tearing at a body on the road. Much to the party’s surprise, the dogs turned on them and were handily defeated.  A closer inspection……

Gummy Knights – Session #2

Iruthiel, Heather, Seraphim, Lulu and Arandos, our brave group of adventurers, set out on foot to explore the cairns north of town that were rumoured to have been been unsealed after some recent seismic activity in the region.

Their first day of journey was uneventful, and the party camped out in the wilderness for the evening, wisely keeping watch.  During the third shift, Lulu was sure she heard something rustling in the nearby brushes, and decided to toss a stone in that direction.  Nothing.

Later that same evening, during the fourth shift of the night, Seraphim was unfortunately being inattentive, and the sleeping part was caught unawares by a small goblin party.  The party……

Gummy Knights – Session #1

A few months ago, after hearing about my groups’ adventures, my daughters asked me whether they could play pathfinder too.  I agreed, and let them pick each pick a pre-generated character from the Beginner box, and started to run them through the starter adventure.  The two of them got about a third of the way through the adventure before their cousins wanted to play too.  The four of them finished off the adventure and drove off the pesky dragon from the cave near town.

The four girls started a second adventure (the one from the beginner box GM Kit), and absolutely loved it.  However, the girls weren’t really feeling their characters,……