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This topic area is primarily intended as a place to record session summaries for the Curse of the Crimson Throne campaign that I am running. This implies that a spoiler alert needs to be announced here, as these summaries are intended for myself and my players as recaps of what occurred and transpired during their sessions.

Curse of the Crimson Throne – Session #18

Moonday Erastus 21, 4708 – Toilday Erastus 29, 4708

The party travels to Kaer Maga, en route to the Cinderlands



Toilday Erastus 29, 4708 – Sunday Arodus 3 4708

After seeking some vague assistance from some Shoanti who were visiting Kaer Maga to do do trade, the party makes their way to the Kallow Mounds where they meet up with Thousand Bones.  He provides some advice on how to earn the respect of the Shoanti Tribes, in the hopes of Sun Shaman ultimately sharing knowledge the party seeks.


Moonday Arodus 4, 4708 – Oathday Arodus 7, 4708

The part finds their way across the hot Cinderlands to the Acropolis of the Thrallkeepers…….

Curse of the Crimson Throne – Session #17

Sunday, Erastus 13, 4708

After finding Vencarlo, the party continues their investigation of the dungeon complex beneath Korvosa Palace, and with a bit of luck, finds Neolandus, battered, bruised, and a quite a bit worse for wear.  Neolandus indicates he has information for Vencarlo and their saviors, but he will not share any of it within the city walls, to which Vencarlo says he has just the place.

The party quickly find themselves at the Three Rings Tavern, and Odessa at her home, with the party members quickly collecting all their things, and purchasing a wagon and horses for at 6-day trip into the wilds of Golarion.

Sunday, Erastus……

Curse of the Crimson Throne – Session #16

Sunday, Erastus 13, 4708

After getting some information from Salvator Scream, the party decides it’s time to visit the Arkona Palace.

There, news of their dispatching of the “Emperor of Old Korvosa” has already reached Glorio Arkona, and as a result the he is quite happy to meet with the party and see what brings them to his Palace.

Unfortunately, for the party, their objective, rescuing Vencarlo is going to be a little more complicated than originally thought.  Glorio Arkona, in a misplaced attempt to protect Vencarlo, had him placed in his dungeon, a facility more like a puzzle than a dungeon, as it was the safest place he knew.

As the……

Curse of the Crimson Throne – Session #15

Fireday, Erastus 12, 4708

With this lead on Vencarlo, the party makes their way to a local Artist’s home, hoping to speak with him, and instead find woman sitting in his work room, awaiting his return.  She indiciates she has some information on where Salvator Scream is, but is unable to convince the Emperor’s Guards to let her speak with his highness.  The party agrees to let Laori accompany them after advising her that they actually have an invitiation to visit the Emperor.

Upon Arriving at the “Palace”, the party is again accosted by the Emperor’s thugs, this time demanding that they relinquish their weapons.  The party convinces these thugs……

Curse of the Crimson Throne – Session #14

Moonday, Erastus 8, 4708


As the party waits for the plethora of spells to dissipate in the temple, they search the room they are in.  Beyond some very expensive magical scrolls and wands hidden in the central statue, they also find an intact Death’s Head Coffer, Dr. Davaulus’ notes on Blood Veil and Rolth’s notes on Blood Veil.

The party provides the Death’s Head coffer to Arkminos, and in exchange he releases Ruan, and promptly gathers his things and departs in a spark of arcane magic.  A quick search of the room reveals a third set of notes on Blood Veil

All those suffering from Blood Veil are sent to the Grand Vault……

Curse of the Crimson Throne – Session #13

Sunday, Erastus 7, 4708

The party picks up where the left off, and proceeds to make their way to one of the rooms they found earlier, what seemed to be a communal bedroom for the acolytes. They spend an hour or so barricading each themselves in, ensuring that none of the three entrances to this room can be breached. The party then proceeds to sleep in shifts, each of the 5 party members taking 2 hours apiece.

Through the course of the night, each member believes they hear something on the other side of the barricading doors. Only one party member proceeds to wake the rest of the party up,……

Curse of the Crimson Throne – Session #12

Sunday, Erastus 7, 4708


In an almost fitting manner, the party continues their assault on the underground Temple of Urgathoa, on Sunday, the holiest day of the week in the City of Korvosa.

As the party takes a couple of minutes to rest, they soon realize they’re not the only ones in this complex attempting to understand what is going on, who’s involved, and how this all relates to Blood Veil.  Damien, a tiefling of some arcane power, following the trail of bodies left behind by our party of heroes, approaches the party, and suggests an alliance.

The party, short one member, and joined by a new ally, proceed to take……

Curse of the Crimson Throne – Session #11

Starday, Erastus 6, 4708

The party decides that there’s something very wrong at the hospice, and decides to go back and ask a few more questions.  While there, they take some time to check around all the various rooms, but find nothing of note.

Afterwards, they decide that maybe checking near the Marbledome, the last known location of Rolth, might reveal some clues.  After breaking in, they find nothing of note.

That night, they return to the hospice, capture one of the Queen’s Physicians, take him back to the deepest, darkest corner of the marbledome and interrogate him.  Ultimately the Physician, after being beaten to within an inch of his life,……

Curse of the Crimson Throne – Session #10

Oathday, Erastus 4, 4708
On this particular day, nobody wakes up with Blood Veil, and it Malatir’s Blood Veil from the day before, seems to have cured itself.

The party makes their way to see Cressida, who advises that a young woman is claiming that her brother is missing after having attended a party at the Carowyn Manor. The party agrees to check out it, as the Korvosan Guard is still heavily understaffed.

Once arriving at the Manor, Tindes is overcome with the overwhelming air of death that surround the manorhouse. Within the manorhouse, the party finds all the party goers going about their party activities. However each of them……

Curse of the Crimson Throne – Session #9

Toilday, Erastus 2, 4708

The party continues the exploration of the subterranean complex under the Korvosa Graveyards, and find a noblewoman, Maisie Keswick, trapped in a cage surrounded by more of the ghouls that seem to invest these spaces.  The party easily dispatches the ghouls, and have a brief chat with Maisie, provide her with some food, and promise to release her just as soon as they check out the room the passed earlier.

In this unexplored room, they find a collection of chests, two of which come to life and attack the party.  After much difficulty the party kills the mimic and its mimicling swarm of offspring and discover that……