Monthly archives: August, 2017

Jade Regent Session #3

Day 3

Nasuata, Agatha and James explore the Licktoad Village, which appears to be abandoned in disrepair.  Fortunately for them, there are only a few goblins hiding in defense of their village.  Their search ultimately find evidence that the goblins indeed have fireworks.  But more importantly, hidden in a small stash of treasures kept by the goblin cheiftain, the party finds what appears to be a treasure map scrawled on the back of a hand fan!  The map leads deeper into the Brinestump Marsh!


Jade Regent Session #2

Day 2

Nasuata, Agatha and James, along with their new friend Walthus, make their way back along the New Fish Road, to the Old Coast Road, on route to the Old Fish Road.  Their objective is to find out what the goblins of the Licktoad Village are up to!