Moonday Erastus 21, 4708 – Toilday Erastus 29, 4708

The party travels to Kaer Maga, en route to the Cinderlands



Toilday Erastus 29, 4708 – Sunday Arodus 3 4708

After seeking some vague assistance from some Shoanti who were visiting Kaer Maga to do do trade, the party makes their way to the Kallow Mounds where they meet up with Thousand Bones.  He provides some advice on how to earn the respect of the Shoanti Tribes, in the hopes of Sun Shaman ultimately sharing knowledge the party seeks.


Moonday Arodus 4, 4708 – Oathday Arodus 7, 4708

The part finds their way across the hot Cinderlands to the Acropolis of the Thrallkeepers…….