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Curse of the Crimson Throne – Session #2-to-3 Downtime

As our party of adventurers finishes off their assignment to obtain information crucial to defending Korvosa’s trade routes, they return to the Three Rings Tavern to rest up from their recent adventures and ponder what more Field Marshall Cressida Kroft might ask them to do.

A day passes, then a second, stretching to a week.  With the setting of each day’s sun, the party reconvenes at the Three Rings Tavern to enjoy a meal together.  There, they begin to hear various tidbits and tidings of the goings on within the City of Korvosa from the various visitors to the Tavern, which has become their home and base of operations.

Whether it be locals,……

Curse of the Crimson Throne – Session #2

Fireday 9, Desnus 4708

With the passing of noon, our party of heroes depart Castle Korvosa en route to the front gate of Citadel Volshyenek, they are quickly escorted to Field Marshal Cressida Kroft; a woman of some importance within the Korvosan Guard, who immediately ensures that this party of heroes is well taken care of.  She offers them food and lodging at the Citadel, or if they’d prefer she’s made arrangements with Theandra Darklight, the owner of the Three Rings Tavern, for them to stay at the Inn.

Cressida is quick to point out that the Citadel is somewhat short-staffed, something the party noticed when they arrived a short time ago…….

Curse of the Crimson Throne Session #1

Wealday, 7 Desnus 4708

Each of our five future-heroes begins the morning finding a strange playing card amongst their possessions:

Yoola’s is tucked neatly in her holy text
Harsk’s is hidden within his beloved teapot
Tindes’ is stowed within her Alchemy Crafting Kit
Sagann’s is stowed away in his pack
Nal finds his in his cooking pot.

The card directs each of them to visit a small well maintained cottage at sunset. Upon arriving, all of our would-be heroes, learn that they all have some link to each other, if only through the deeds of another – Gaedran Lamm – a strange little man who takes advantage of others in every way imaginable.

Soon after their……