Monthly archives: April, 2016

Gummy Knights – Session #4

As it turns out, what the professor had in mind, while very specific, was far from a simple task: collect five sacred items for the Professor in exchange for not being sent to prison for 40 years. But there’s a catch; the Company of the Black Banner left an hour ago with the same goal.  Whichever group collects and returns all five items will get the dagger, but if neither group collects them all, the Sheriff keeps the dagger for himself.

The party agrees and sets out for the Druid’s grove, but along the way are slowed down by a snare trap that nearly caught Heather. But even though she wasn’t ensnared by……

Curse of the Crimson Throne

In the not too distant future, about a week from today, on Wealday, 7 Desnus 4708, five brave souls are going to find themselves sitting around a table of complete strangers, and agree to take on a task that none of them can accomplish individually, and in doing so, forever intertwine their fates.

It will be my honour and privilege to guide Harsk the dwarven ranger, Nal the undine watershaper, Sagann the human barbarian, Tindes the half-elf empiricist and Yoola the half-orc warpriest of Shelyn as they learn who they are, not just as individuals, but also as a party of collaborators.

At the edge of anarchy, within the city of Korvosa,……