Monthly archives: March, 2016

Giantslayer Session #16

Our party of brave heroes picks up their quest after waking from a night of rest in the same locale as the ogres they had defeated last session.  Yes the same ogres that had been debating whether or not to eat the prisoners they had captures..  

Much travel took place as the party continued to make their way southward, attempting to catch up with the giantkin that purportedly had additional prisoners in their possession.

Along their travels, the party encountered

An Auromvorax
A group of Redcaps
A bulette
A pair of leucrottas
An Ettin, rejected by the Storm Lord, and his pet Cave Bear
A rift drake, looking for an easy meal

Giantslayer Session #15

Our party of brave heroes picks up their quest after waking from a night of rest within the tomb Nargrym Steelhand.

Within the tomb, they explore and find a not-quite hidden door, leading down to a the sarcophagus of Nargrym himself.  Upon entering the tomb, they hear the door, a heavy stone door, close behind them and seal itself in the locked position.

Within the chamber, and the sarcophagus itself, the party finds much treasure, but alas the fabled hand of Nagrym and his famous long spear are nowhere to be found.

As they explore the chamber, they realize a creature, who had not been in the chambers explored by the party is……

Gummy Knights – Session #3

As our brave party of heroines continued their journey to the cairns to the north, they decided to take a closer interest in the unicorn who appeared to be following them.

After many shenanigans, the party decided to follow the unicorn into the forest, and eventually lost track of the unicorn, and lost their way.  Many hours later, they exited the forest on a road they didn’t recognize, and decided to follow it.

As they traveled along the road they chanced upon a small pack of wild dogs tearing at a body on the road. Much to the party’s surprise, the dogs turned on them and were handily defeated.  A closer inspection……

Giantslayer Session #14

Our brave party of adventurers continued their investigation of the small room wherein they saw humanoid remains within a small hole.

After being somewhat being “volun-told”, that due to her smaller stature she’d be best suited to go down the hole, the party used a rope to create a climbing harness of sorts, and lowered her down.  There saw the remains of medium sized humanoid, and brought it back up, in the hopes that these were the remains that the ghostly cleric was looking for.  

Alas, after transporting these remains back to the ghastly cleric, it turns out these were not the remains being sought.  And now the party had a……