Monthly archives: February, 2016

Giantslayer Session #13

Today’s session picked up exactly where the last one left off, with our heroic party holed up in the fort’s bell tower, trying to figure out how to defend themselves and come out victorious against the giant threat.

As the hours tick by, the party starts feeling a sense of dread that progressively gets worse hour by hour, affecting their ability to make decisions and ultimately make them ineffective should a combat start.

As the midnight hour nears, Earnan hears something, not with his hears, but rather with his mind; a strange voice saying “Droja…they are here…”.  Unable to communicate with this ‘voice’, Earnan shares what he’s heard, and the only thing……

Tria Campaign Session #2

What do you do when your empty town suddenly experiences a mass-influx of people?

That’s what happened to the party and our town recently, due in no small part to our action in taking down the anti-paladin in the mines a few short weeks ago.  As we knew, the Town of No Hope experienced a recent brightening in the sky, and apparently this was visible from various locales in the vicinity, resulting in people arriving to see what this was all about.

3 days before our session started though, another influx of people arrived, this time, not out of curiosity, but rather, out of desperation.  Apparently, some dark warrior his pet dire……