Monthly archives: December, 2015

Kids Campaign #2 Kickoff

My daughters continue to be interested in playing Pathfinder, but didn’t want their cousins’ characters to fall behind in progression.  So today, I created a foursome of new characters to participate in a new adventure.  Alyson (a half-elf warpriest of Gorum), Maya (a half-elf hunter of Serenrae), Arandos (an oradin of Seranrae) and Balfaren (a winter with), started exploring the Emerald Spire.

You will probably recognize Arandos from my other Kids Campaign, where he also provides healing services to the team.  You’ll also probably recognize the name Balfaren, from the Tria Campaign, where he appears as one of my own characters where he is a cartomancer.

Why did I reuse……

Gummy Knights – Session #1

A few months ago, after hearing about my groups’ adventures, my daughters asked me whether they could play pathfinder too.  I agreed, and let them pick each pick a pre-generated character from the Beginner box, and started to run them through the starter adventure.  The two of them got about a third of the way through the adventure before their cousins wanted to play too.  The four of them finished off the adventure and drove off the pesky dragon from the cave near town.

The four girls started a second adventure (the one from the beginner box GM Kit), and absolutely loved it.  However, the girls weren’t really feeling their characters,……

Tria Campaign Kickoff

As noted in my latest Giantslayer update, one of the Giantslayer players is running a campaign where I can be a player. I plan to record our progress as adventurers in this blog. This post is the summary of our initial session. Keep an eye out for further posts as I make them.

Our session started off with each player’s character hanging out in one of the tavern’s in the City of Tria. Out of nowhere, and absolute bear of a man, calling himself Brynjarn the Bear-Thrower, throws open the door of the Tavern, and calls out seeking anybody interested in joining him on a grand adventure.

After a lot of……

Giantslayer Session #11 (and catchup)

Roughly Six months ago, with much trepidation and an incredibly amount of nervous energy, I read off the opening lines of Block Text from “Battle of Bloodmarch Hill”, the first part of Paizo’s Giantslayer AdventurePath, to an eager group of adventurers.

Fast forward to this past weekend, and I’m loving every moment.  I had hoped to chronicle my experiences as a Game Master, as well as the ongoing adventure, but have simply not been able to find the time.  However, I intend to change that starting today.

Since our initial kickoff with 6 players on June 20th 2016, the party has grown and shrunk a couple of times, with us finally settling……